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Our History
Where it all started!

Founded in 1988 Verndale Systems was set up to provide programming and database consultancy services, we've now branched out into business analysis and bespoke systems design and implementation, website design and hosting and services in the cloud. We also provide professional development courses.
The name came from the name of the house that Mark, our founder and company director, lived in at the time the company was formed, which gave the rather grand title of Verndale Systems Ltd, Verndale House (which was in the Peak District in Derbyshire). The office where all the development took place was also known as the Bat Cave.

We came through challenging times during the financial crisis of 2008 like many other companies. Fortunately Verndale was able to adapt and survive.

Looking to the future Verndale is always interested in adopting and exploring new technology. We are currently excited to be exploring new possibilities in graph data technology with Neo4J and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Ethos:
Our office is a relaxed and personal environment committed to flexible working, care for our staff and responding to customers' needs. We work through Agile development, focussing on delivering value to the customer in short increments. We are committed to actively encouraging opportunities for women within the industry.